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Everyone says you should have a niche - “what do you want to be known for? What will people hire you for?” So what’s my niche? 

Well, I don’t have one. 

I tried for a long time to find one - and agonised over it. But I’m too greedy for a good shot. I love travelling, walking through cities to find the perfect street shot, sailing through Antarctica for the sense of peace and adventure or sitting at the back of a jeep to drive through the bush. I just love capturing the timeless essence of a place. I embrace wholesome journeys which have a beginning and a goal - but more importantly the journey itself. 

And I LOVE the photography craft. 

The hunt, the capture, the struggle, the constant challenge, the “chasing your tail because it’s not good enough” feeling - and then the hours spent in front of Lightroom to craft the perfect atmosphere, give shots that analog twist I enjoy and of course tell an amazing story. It’s hard, frustrating and I’ve almost given up so many times. But in the end. I just love it all and hopefully you will too.



I am a London-based Parisian-bread photographer, currently working in London. 

I love physical objects you can touch, prints and more generally the analog world (...even if I shoot using a DSLR) and  I specialise in high quality prints and magazine prints.

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